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fandom_stocking needs help

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Jan. 2nd, 2009 | 11:03 pm
posted by: therck in fic_pinch_hit

fandom_stocking is in need of writers, icon makers, rec'ers, etc. to provide small treats in a large variety of fandoms. The moderator is trying not to let recipients know which 'stockings' are empty, so there's a post for those willing to help out to drop in and list fandoms they could manage.

Fandom: Multiple, including some rare fandoms-- US TV, British TV, anime/manga, comics, movies, literary.
Name of challenge: Fandom Stocking
Minimum story length: None. This is aimed at commentfic and other small gifts. The basic parameters are explained here.
Story due date: 6 January 2009
Other details: Extra treats in any stocking would be welcome. The stockings have been posted, cut tagged, in the community. The first ones should be around the fifth of December 2008, and the most recent went up a day or two ago. Each stocking lists the participants fannish interests, preferred pairings, likes and dislikes. Anybody can provide a treat for any participant in a comment on that participant's stocking. All comments will remain screened until the reveal later this week.
Whether it is a secret santa-type ficathon or a non-secret type ficathon: No participant knows yet who's given them something or if anybody's given them anything at all. The identity of the givers will be revealed at the same time that the gifts are.

I'm posting this at the moderator's request but am not a moderator for fandom_stocking. All questions should be directed to medie at fandom_stocking as I may not know the answers.

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