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BtVS/AtS (choose your author ficathon)

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Mar. 26th, 2008 | 02:29 pm
mood: hopefulhopeful
posted by: leni_ba in fic_pinch_hit

fandom: BtVS/AtS
name of challenge: cya_ficathon
minimum story length: 1000 wods
story due date: A looooong time ago. But Choose you Author is holding a new round, and I'd like as clean a slate as possible.
other details: I only need one request from each set.
Whether it is a secret santa-type ficathon or a non-secret type ficathon: Nope.

Set 1

I want a Due South crossover focusing on Faith & Fraser. Not shippy, just friends or possibly a mentor relationship.
Timeline - Anytime after Faith turns herself into the authorities
Things you want: Something kind of philosophical or think-y in nature ;)
Things you don’t want: Eh, go wild and add in whatever else you want.

Characters/Pairings you want the story to focus in: Buffy/Angelus
Things you want: Buffy being Angelus' slave, BDSM, darkness, angst, chains, the works!
Extras: I would love some smutty smutness that'll make me feel all sorts of naughty.

Set 2
I want a very AU fic, in a post-apocalyptic kinda way. Pic any big bad and see what if he actually won. It's up to you to decide who of AI and Scoobies survived. It may be angst, or humor (well, once more with feeling could rule the world =)), or whatever. But basicly I want Cordelia and Dawn to meet and strike up a freindship (not femmeslash, ew), and if you choose something pre-btvsS5, well, lets pretend Dawn was there, and I want Oz back in the picture (if he's away in the timeframe you choose).
Any pairing you choose, as long as it's not sappy, or b/a. Yup. Oh, and I don't want Xander. If he's not dead, he's just not relevant to the story, OK? He can make a minor appearance. Just not break another relationship in a meaniest way.

I want an Angel/Firefly crossover, no BtVS charakters though. I want Cordelia to be sucked through a portal to Firefly dimension instead of Pylea. The rest is up to you =)

Req 2c
I want a Giles/Coedy anything (friendship, romance) in the past that will be revealed later when AI team has to confront Ethan (gone really bad and possibly with nasty followers). And I want Giles and Angel to mm.. confront each and solve the S2 BtVS issues (what with torture and Jenny's death) they might have. Nothing shashy, though, just normal human-to-vampire relations. And I want Lindsay to be involved. I'd rather he was evil.

Set 3

• Romantic comedy would be nice, but I'll take anything as long as it isn't dark, angsty or painful
• Rating (and whether or not smut is involved) at the author's discretion
• "You keep saying that word, but I do not think it means what you think it means." Quote doesn't have to appear in the fic; please consider it as inspiration.

Giles or Giles/Xander or Giles/Holmes (author's discretion)
• Gen or slash
• Rating (and whether or not smut is involved) at the author's discretion
• Crossover with Sherlock Holmes in whatever manner the author sees fit
• I can't help but think there would be some quality snark between Giles and Holmes, especially when it comes to working together to locate a fairly dangerous mystical artifact.

Giles or Giles/male character of author's choice
• Gen or slash
• Rating (and whether or not smut is involved) at the author's discretion
• Crossover with the 9th Doctor, with Captain Jack in tow, please
• Is it demon or alien? I imagine the argument could be fun.

Set 4

Characters/Pairings you want the story to focus in: B/A, baby!
Characters/Pairings you want in the story too: Spike/Illyria, Giles/Some Nice Lady We Don't Know Yet
Things you want: setting, timeline, quotes, specific objects... Post-NFA, Romantic dancing, Battlestar Galactica (in whatever form you like, watching it, discussing it, etc), have someone tell the story of how B/A got back together (Dawn or Willow preferred, but Spike might be fun. *G*), green leather shoes, a bottle of port, a broken CD player. Angel puts Andrew in his place. The last line of the story should be, "I've always wanted to say that."
Things you don’t want: The only good Cordelia is a dead Cordelia. NO Kennedy, sweet Jeebus, please! And the only way I can tolerate Andrew is if somebody is telling him what a loser ass he is. Angel would be nice for that role, don't you think?
Extras: highest rating, genre: I would love some smut, but things are so down in my world right now, I'll take fluff and humor of any kind (no spoof, though), naked or not. Make me sigh. The morshier the better. Angst is okay as long as the ending is happy, but go easy on me. ;)

Set 5

Request: Giles and Dawn relating to each other post-"Chosen," with some angst and some problem that needs to be solved and is ultimately solved by the two of them working together. I admittedly do have a hankering for smutty Giles/Dawn, with equal parts fluff and dirtybadwrong, but I recognize that's a tall order on one hand and squicky to some on the other, so gen is wonderful as well. Mostly I just want to see them being kick-ass, with the note of darkness that their characters require.

Request: Darla, Drusilla, and Spike after Angel gets his soul and leaves the group and before Darla breaks off from Spike/Dru. Don't worry about being historically accurate (the show never did, after all); I'm mostly interested in seeing how these three characters interact together in this situation and how they function as a unit. Pr0n is always welcome, as I'm a big fan of all three sides of this triangle. And if you could set this in the context of having to solve a mystery or something like that'd be awesome, but consider that optional.

Alternately, you could set in an AU season 2 in which Darla is alive instead of Angel, also yielding Dru/Darla/Spike, and involve the Scoobies somehow.

Request: Post-"Chosen" Dawn time travels back to season 3, finds herself caught up in a series of events of your choosing, and ends up getting sexed up (both femslash and het are wonderful). Don't be afraid of the dirtybadwrong, if that's where your muse takes you.

A random image you might want to include: Dawn wandering the streets of Sunnydale in a rather thin nightgown.

Set 6

Characters/Pairings you want the story to focus in: Wes/Giles
Characters/Pairings you want in the story too: whoever is needed to make the story work
Things you want: Could you do dark romance? Not dark as in kinky or angsty, but dark as in there are dark forces that stand in the way of their love. Alt post NFA where Wesley lives is wonderful, or an alternate between the seasons.
Things you don’t want: No non-con, mpreg, bsdm, spanking. No mean Buffy. No mean Wesley.
Extras: horror/mystery genre, open on rating, though I do like nice kisses!

Characters/Pairings you want the story to focus in: Wes/Spike
Characters/Pairings you want in the story too: Any Ats s5
Things you want: Poetry. Mention of or travel to England and British Bonding. Alt Ats S5 where Wes and Spike are in an established relationship.
Things you don’t want: Angelus, Mean Angel (though snarky or confused Angel is fine)
Extras: Go for it, though I think they would be really hot together!

Characters/Pairings you want the story to focus in: Wes/Xander, Alt post NFA where Wesley lives. Yes, I live in a river in Egypt.
Characters/Pairings you want in the story too: whoever fits.
Things you want: Set in a different setting (Europe, Canada, Alt dimension), the start of a relationship between them, UST and deciding to take a chance on each other. Some hurt/comfort would be lovely
Things you don’t want: No mean anyone! No non-con, though drunken fumbling is okay.
Extras: Go for it on rating, genre can be flexible, though having them team up to solve a mystery or problem would be fun. Working together.

Set 7

Characters/Pairings you want the story to focus in: B/A, or Buffy, Angel, maybe Faith, if it works for the story
Characters/Pairings you want in the story too: I'd like Willow and Wesley if it works for the story...other than that I can't pick someone, I guess I'm fine with everything
Things you want: anything is fine, canon, future-fic, AU, *mh* I'd like to read a B/A future-fic, post NFA but the other things are fine, too.
Things you don’t want: No Buffy/Spike or Angel/Cordelia. I'd love some romance/fluff/smut...some angst would be great but right now I think I need a happy ending.
Extras: highest rating: NC-17, any genre

Thank you!

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