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Fic Challenge Pinch-Hit Writers' Clearinghouse
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Bringing together challenges and writers looking for one!
We are an "any fandom, any challenge" equal-opportunity destination!

Please post your requests for pinch-hitters using the following information.

name of challenge:
minimum story length:
story due date:
other details:
Whether it is a secret santa-type ficathon or a non-secret type ficathon

Pinch-hitters, you can pimp yourselves here too. If you don't want to sign up for a specific challenge, but you're generally available for any (for example) Rosenkranz/Guildenstern writing needs, comment in this thread and let people know! If your fic-writing fandom is new to us, we'll add it to the list here.

Also, if you have suggestions, please let the mods know -- this is your community and it needs to work well for you.

I do want to note that we reserve the right to delete any post or response, or ban anyone, who doesn't play nice.

Current Challenges:
Buffy is the Hero, Dammit (entry found here)
SG Rarepairings (entry found here)
Due South Seekrit Santa (entry found here/a>)